Who We Are

Founded in 1973, ITL is a globally-recognized multi-disciplinary Defense Systems Group specializing in advanced solutions for land-based military and civilian defense and security integrating day/night target observation and acquisition capabilities alongside centralized, networked command and control. The company capitalizes on its close, ongoing cooperation with military, para-military and security forces around the world to respond to evolving operational demands.

ITL targets a multi-tiered user base, from the individual infantry combatant and combat team commander up to the War Room and National Crisis Center level. Its products, systems and comprehensive solutions streamline and boost military, para-military and civilian capabilities alike, with typical applications including special forces/special security units, law enforcement, counter-terrorism, homeland security and crisis management.

The ITL Group is a member of the Mikal Group – Israel’s second largest privately-owned defense conglomerate, consisting of 19 globally-distributed companies focusing on land-based solutions, systems and products for over 80 countries world-wide.